create & collect art to fund green NGOs and make a better planet
We are a community of environmental artists, creating exclusively eco-friendly NFT's and using them to donate to environmental NGO's, in a self-sustaining, decentralised system.
  • Amplify the impact of environmental artists
  • Create a self-sustainable model for a purpose-driven art market
  • Create the world’s first online gallery environmental NFT art
  • Systematically donate to environmental NGOs when an NFT is sold
  • Experiment with onchain tech for better futures
Arteztic is an artist-run and artist-powered gallery (and soon DAO)
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The Arteztic DAO will act as a decentralised autonomous NGO in service of environmental causes within the arts. Collective governance, decentralised exhibition curation, reputation token, everything is explained in our white paper.
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Arteztic organised online discussions to explore how creating and collecting eco-art can support positive futures.
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Arteztic 2023