While most of us use our five senses to communicate, animals and plants found other ways.
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Resonance is the phenomena where animals or plants are producing sounds or vibrations that match their environment's frequencies, amplifying communication or interactions. Resonance is when insect sounds in leaves, birdsong reaching mates, whales' echolocation optimizing perception, plants resonating for pollinators, and vibrating to disperse seeds or optimize energy absorption through wind-induced vibrations in plants.
"And what if we choose to coexist with another species, to use our minds together? What might we reach for together?"
Ursula K. Le Guin (The Word for World is Forest)
In speculative science-fiction, ‘Resonance’ is often linked to telepathy where species can share thoughts and emotions, regardless of physical proximity. What if art is already providing us a way to achieve intra-species resonance?
The exhibition “Resonance” explores how we could become attuned to and resonate with the principles of environmental well-being. While the artists featured in this exhibition preferred using digital technologies as a resonant principle to convey their subtle message, the exhibition is a sensorial experience from seeing, listening, and even touching. Each of the artwork presented invites the visitor to interact with the piece whether it is through breathing, optical illusion, having to wait for the piece to unfold, or move things around.

Through the exhibition, a multi-dimensional experience of eco-empathy can be perceived to, hopefully, become eco-resonant.
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