can digital art spark global climate action?
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We aim to build the first curated meeting place for environmental digital art. Our focus is on art which combines technology and environmental activism. Blueshift is the fruit of a curatorial research on the impact of art on environmental action.
This exhibition is a call to rethink our digital identities as potential agents of environmental change, embodying the symbiotic relationship we aspire to have with nature.
Featured artists: Claudia Hart, Fabian Aerts, Felipe Sepulveda, Gabriel Massan, Harriet Davey, Lauren Moffat, Masbaco, Micah Alhadeff, Nancy Baker Cahill, Solimán López, Violet Bond.
from August 2024
what might we reach for together
We support these committed artists who awaken our minds and inspire our actions toward sustainable futures. Collecting and creating art that is committed to the environment is one way we can contribute to a global movement on a daily basis.

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